Montgomery Real Bread ~ Our Bread

rye and caraway bread

Rye and caraway - made with organic rye and unbleached white flour,
water, molasses or treacle, caraway seeds, yeast and salt.

plaited milk bread

Plaited Milk Bread - contains organic strong flour, plain flour,
milk, water, syrup, yeast, salt and sesame seeds.




Sourdough - made with organic unbleached white flour,
leaven (unbleached white flour, water) water, salt, olive oil, yeast.

olive oil bread

Olive Oil Bread - contains organic unbleached white flour
, leaven, olive oil, yeast trace, salt

seeded bread

Seeded Bread - made with unbleached white and wholemeal flour,
yeast water and salt with either linseed and Rosemary or, a five-seed Omega mix.


Baguettes - made with French flour, water, salt
and yeast, best eaten on day of purchase!